League Table


The George237840196671137
The Bull B23552716485098
Shilbottle Club23522518524395
Alnwick WM Club A24522913504494
Blue Bell23532513434891
Alnwick WM Club B23422514423981
The Fleece2344209393473
Alnwick WM Club Bar2340168323264
Alnwick Castle Golf Club232374201434
John Bull232092161531

Week 24 Review and Week 25 Results

22 March 2019

Stephen Dunn, Lee Harrison and Graham Shell all recorded 180s helping the George to a 7-0 win over the John Bull

180s for Sam Stephenson of the Bull B and Kev Purvis of the Travellers in a match the Travellers white washed the Bull 7-0

The Blue Bell and Shilbottle Club had a level game after the singles and pairs (180 Des Hope Blue Bell ) Shilbottle Club won the teams and the match 4-3

G Frater,s 106 checkout helped AWMC Bar to a 3-1 lead in the singles against AWMC A the Club A took both pairs and teams to win the match 4-3

Alnwick Golf Club and the Farriers shared the points in both singles and pairs the Farriers won the teams and the match 4-3

The Veterans and AWMC B had a level game after the singles both pairs went to the Club B and teams to the Veterans giving the Club B a 4-3 win

Week 25

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