Week 7 Review and Week 8 Fixtures

11 November 2019

Ryan Kent,s 180 helped the George to a 7-0 win over the Fleece

Shilbottle Club and the Travellers had a level game after the singles and pairs(180 Davy Grey Shilbottle Club) the Travellers won the teams and match 4-3

The Farriers and AWMC A shared the points in both singles and pairs which included a 180 from Micheal Oliver and a 120 checkout from Dan Saunders of the Club and a 118 checkout from Wayne Allan of the Farriers Alnwick won the teams and the match 4-3

The Club and the John Bull were level on points after the singles and pairs the Club won the deciding team games and the match 4-3

A 180 from Ken Snaith helped the Veterans to a 3-1 lead over the Blue Bell in the singles points were shared in the pairs the teams went to the Bell with the Veterans winning the match 4-3

AWMC B went 3-1 up in the singles against the Phoenix Knights they also took all the points in the pairs and teams winning the match 6-1

The Golf Club,s H Lam had a 118 checkout in the singles were the Golfers took a 3-1 lead against the Queens the Golf Club won both pairs and team games taking the match 6-1

Week 8