League Table


The George10341810253762
The Club1024148172946
Shilbottle Club1029115212445
Alnwick WM Club A1022127271441
Blue Bell1017124181533
Alnwick WM Club B1016105131831
Alnwick Castle Golf Club101576151328
John Bull101682131326
The Fleece101474131225
Phoenix Knights1093241014

Week 10 Review and Week 11 Fixtures

02 December 2019

The George dropped a point in the singles against the Veterans but went on to win the match 6-1

The Club took a 3-1 lead in the singles against the Travellers points were shared in the pairs the teams went to the Travellers with the Club winning the match 4-3

The Queens were 3-1 up after the singles against Shilbottle Club both teams took a point in the pairs the Queens won the teams and the match 5-2

AWMC A and AWMC B had a level game after the singles and pairs the Club a won the teams and the match 4-3

The Farriers took a 3-1 lead in the singles against the Blue Bell the Bell won both pairs to level the match the Farriers won the teams and the match 4-3

The Golf Club whitewashed the Phoenix Knights 7-0

The Fleece and the John Bull Shared the points in the singles the Fleece won both pairs and team games taking the match 5-2

Week 11


06 December 2019

  • The George VS Queens
  • John Bull VS Travellers
  • The Club VS Alnwick WM Club A
  • Phoenix Knights VS The Fleece
  • Farriers VS Alnwick Castle Golf Club
  • Alnwick WM Club B VS Veterans
  • Shilbottle Club VS Blue Bell
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